Este é um blog para a exposição do conto de fantasia medieval chamado "A Lenda de Evan" como suplemento para os RPGistas que jogam esta saga. A saga da Lenda de Evan é uma das ambientações do sistema independente de RPG chamado ELGAIAS. O conto "A Lenda de Evan" também é uma criação independente, obra dos RPgistas que usam esse sistema. As Gravuras, Pinturas, Desenhos, Músicas, Videos usados para ilustrar este Blog não pertencem aos autores desse conto de RPG, muito menos à este sistema de RolePlay. Seus referentes créditos de autoria são intocáveis e protegidos, aqui usados apenas para ilustrar a rapsódia do Blog de forma lúdica e alusiva.

quarta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2011


I banned flew, In the speed of light

Resurfacing me in another dimension,

when already I had old life.

going Embodied in someone who can’t speak.

against the unreal I came to fight

But I’ll remember the flame.

Now I’m alone, In the speed of time

I arrived from a miraculous way

For a death in others worlds find.

'Cause it is Master’s wish.

Now I’m alone, In the end of life

Fellow glances who are far beyond .

Loves left behind

'Cause the secret I did disturb.

Will this fix my wrong sight?

But I’ll remember the flame.

The Legend of a great hero stays behind

at the end of one saga

On Master’s mind in the Speed of Light

(The Dimensions Violator’s End)

Today is just an another day of

my life too short to live

I should have some kind of meaning

a destiny to believe in

before I go to sleep.

I find some pictures of a time

When everything was still so fine

Although the years have passed by

I will give it all I have inside


I'm away lost in my thoughts

Everyday m

y life goes by a

t the speed of light...

I'm away lost my voice

Everyday my life goes by...

I'm away lost in my thoughts

Everyday my life goes by

(And it was like the Master's wish)

At the speed of... a

t the speed of... a

t the speed of light...

(Speed Of Light - Stratovárius)

This is one tribute that I give to the most influent and powerful char of all my RPG ambientates and literatures in my RPG-Master carrer. He is the One who was called was "The Dragon-Wizard" and "The Dimensions Violator".

Heron Salomão - The Master

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